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  Parachute Bracelet 

         MILSPEC550 is a small independent and home based business. which is located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

                    Parachute cord is also called as paracord or 550 cord.It is referring to type 3 paracord.It is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope.Originally it is used in the suspension lines of parachutes.This cord is useful for many other tasks.In military personnel and civilians this cord is used as a general purpose utility.

                   Current technical standards for the manufacture of this cord are published by the Parachute Industry Association.Nylon and polyester is also used to made this cord.

Paracord accessories

                     Paracord Accessories are Buckles,Belts,Hardwares,Beads and Charms,Paracord Needles,Paracord Jigs.These paracord belts are constructed from Type 3 Commercial,that is having 7 inner strand 550 lbs.

                 Genuine USA manufactured paracord is a quality products that is having amazing strength, and durability and has many uses.

           550 Paracord is a useful and important tool to always handy with you in your emergency survival kit.Used by the military,these items are strong and lightweight parachute cord.

                Our aim is to provide our customers with a high quality handmade product in a timely cost effect way.

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